Not Competing in San Diego Game Jam
Team:  Chatroom - 17

A snail is out to find LOVE in this fast-paced (but slow moving) speed dating sim. 

Find your Snailmate by getting to know your fellow gastropods... and maybe learn something about yourself, too. But be wary of the timer! 

  • 3 unique snails to date
  • 4 possible endings
  • Infinite snail puns

CONTENT:  Silly humor, dating/romance scenario, no strong language, no violence, no alcohol/drug references.
ACCESSIBILITY: Text only (not voiced), point-and-click controls, not tested for screen readers or adaptive controllers, color not a key indicator.

Built with love for IGDA San Diego Game Jam 2020 by: 

 Chatroom - 17

Alec Asperslag - @asperslaga
3D Art and Programming

Andrew Facchiano -
Programmer / Snail Wrangler

Jake Tejada -
Composer / Sound Designer

Lindsay Miller - @lindsplay
2D Art and Writing

Theme: Never Give Up!

Modifiers Used: Never Gonna Give You Up...

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorAlec Asperslag
Tags3D, Casual, Dating Sim, Funny, igda-game-jam, Narrative, Short, silly, Singleplayer, snail


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Very cute, game! I enjoyed the chill vibe and ambience. The music also gives me good Kingdom Hearts vibes. I dig it!


Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it!